World's First Blockchain-Powered IT Management Service

KompiTech Global IT and Consultancy Services leverage Blockchain and Smart Contracts to exceed customer expectations.

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Moving Business Processes and Ideas into Blockchain

Embark on Digital Transformation with KompiTech Blockchain Platform. Quickly build a secure and scalable blockchain application leveraging our blockchain expertise.

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Powerful Process Automation.

KompiTech Customer On-boarding and Setup (COS) Automation.

  1. Allocate customer per channel to allow automated capturing of the service definition.
  2. Capture customer service definitions into the blockchain channel.
  3. Auto-provisioning of service agreements into the channel.
  4. Transformation of service agreements into smart service agreements.
  5. Automates processes and workflows for an autonomous service delivery.
  6. Invite permitted vendor channels into the customer service channel.

Intuitive Central Point of Service (CPS) Management.

  1. Service operation and management in a single system.
  2. Single point for tracking and tracing, assets, tickets, resources and service metrics.
  3. Integrates seamlessly with customer and vendor existing systems.
  4. Delivering a single central ledger for real-time information exchange.

Faultless Service Transparency (FST) for customer and vendors.

  1. Real-time availability of immutable service agreements.
  2. Single click service performance review, Powered by SLAs & KPIs automation.
  3. Round-the-clock insight into service operation information.
  4. Real-time automated reports, penalties, billing and invoicing data visibility.

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KompiTech BLiTS delivers completely new customer experience. Find out more how we are leveraging blockchain in delivering top-class IT service to customers.

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