24/7 IT Service Desk

24/7 Helpdesk Support

At KompiTech, we understand that having 24/7 access to a proficient IT helpdesk is mission-critical for any organization.

Our always-on IT Service Desk is available for all KompiTech customers across multiple languages and time zones. With a team of fully-qualified, digital-savvy IT professionals, we offer a 24/7 remote IT help for efficient resolution of time-sensitive incidents and management of service requests. Our Service Desk is designed to support your IT Department, giving it the resource to outsource, scale or upskill the support it provides, either long term or on a project basis.


Our 24/7 Service Desk acts as an extension to your existing IT department. We are a single point of contact for all IT queries for faster resolution of tickets and enhanced customer satisfaction.

24/7 IT Support

We cover your IT needs around-the-clock, reducing the cost of your internal resources as well as outside office hours support.

Technical Expertise

Our IT Support Team consists of a number of level 1 and level 2 engineers ready to solve your IT issues as they arise.

Blockchain-enabled ITSM

Our ITSM solution, KompiTech BLiTS, enables end-to-end service delivery for powerful process automation, service transparency and reduced costs.

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Automated IT Service Delivery

To ensure cost and service delivery efficiency, our 24/7 Service Desk utilizes blockchain-powered ITSM solution – KompiTech BLiTS.

Our innovative ITSM tool acts as a single intuitive point of IT service management. It enables automation for seamless management of service delivery including real-time ticket resolution monitoring, live updates and Smart Contracts technology for maximum transparency on service terms, agreements and processes.

Global Coverage, Local Expertize

With over 530 employees and 125 partners, we work with the best-in-class IT experts and engineers to solve your IT challenges as they arise.

Our dedicated Service Delivery Manager will ensure that your IT department needs are fulfilled in a timely-manner and accordingly to the highest standards. Thanks to the pool of local and dispatch IT engineers, we will ensure that your IT tickets receive the best support possible. Whenever you require a pre-scheduled service or an immediate IT support, our 24/7 Service Desk will coordinate the visit for you, reducing administrative burden and overheads.

Remote IT Help

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Get Remote IT Help

Shall you require a professional IT support on-demand, our team of skilled IT professionals is available upon request, regardless of your physical location or time zone.

We will help you overcome your computing issues using ITIL methodology and best practice, ensuring your organization’s continuous performance.

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