Part 1: How to determine if your IT needs is better served with a blockchain-powered ITSM solution

Managing your IT department with traditional ITSM solutions is like using old tools to solve new problems. As organizations must evolve to survive, likewise must the IT department evolve to meet the organization's IT needs and be viewed as a key business enabler. Tackling a new job to be done by your IT department requires a new ITSM solution that allows you to evolve and swiftly adapt to the ever-growing needs of your organization.

Regardless of your organization's IT needs, the IT department must be perceived as a catalyst that launches the organization toward its larger goals. Some of the new ITSM solutions often requires working with a third party vendor or what's known as IT outsourcing.

A wrong decision when considering outsourcing your IT needs to an external IT vendor can result in costing time and money.

One of the most important factors to consider when outsourcing your organization's IT needs is choosing the right service provider. It could be that you're at the early decision stage; to-outsource or not-to-outsource? If your decision was to outsource to an IT service provider to improve the service quality, drive more innovation, reduce cost, and increase efficiency e.t.c. It can be very difficult to fully assess if the service provider is the right fit for your organization, prior to signing the service agreement.

Once the service agreement has been signed and the service provider is a good fit, this can be of huge benefit to both parties. On the flip side, when it isn’t a good fit, it can end up doing more harm than good; it results in low productivity, costing time and money that may be better invested in other approaches, like bringing the service in-house, hiring skilled resources or engaging a different service provider that can deliver the services for the jobs to be done.


If your goal is to drive innovation and manage a cost-efficient IT department, it might be worthwhile investing in an enterprise blockchain solution.

Below are some of the key-trigger questions to help you determine if a blockchain-powered ITSM solution is right for you and if your answer is to some of the questions is yes, then a blockchain-powered ITSM solution is a new tool that will help an IT department to be perceived as a catalyst that launches the organization toward its larger goals.

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  • Do your new IT needs require outsourcing to an IT service provider?
  • Are there manual processes that need to be automated?
  • Will this require new business processes that extend beyond your organization oversights and management?
  • Will the new IT needs involve systems or human resources that extend beyond your organization oversights and management?
  • Is there a lack of a uniform business process between the existing service provider or the ITSM tools within your organization?
  • Are you required to drive a cost-effective innovative solution?
  • Are you currently experiencing friction in accessing service information in real-time?
  • Are you unable to reconcile data across systems or stake holders in real-time, due to lack of data accuracy?

Benefits of blockchain-powered ITSM solution

If your decision is to outsource to a service provider which is an external company, then there's an obvious need for a blockchain-powered ITSM since the service processes extend beyond the view of your management, this is a solution that empowers you with oversight to steer the service management. A blockchain-powered ITSM solution opens up a new paradigm to managing IT service governance, enhancing the collaboration between the customer and the service provider. Better still, a blockchain-powered ITSM solution brings the entire process involved in the service lifecycle under the oversight of your organization management.

If you're interested in finding out more about how a blockchain-powered ITSM solution can help your organization's innovation or specific needs, please contact us for a free assessment. Let's talk!

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Greg Erhahon is the founder and CEO of KompiTech, an expert and thought leader in enterprise blockchain technology. Greg has previously worked for global companies, such as UBS, J&J, and Covidien now Medtronic.

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