Part 2: What's a blockchain-powered ITSM solution?

After reading this article you should be able to understand the key benefits of a blockchain-powered ITSM solution and if it's right for your IT needs.

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What's a blockchain-powered ITSM solution?

A blockchain-powered ITSM is a combination of an ITSM system and the IT service provider, all in one solution.

The ITSM system mainly consists of all service desk tools like incidents and requests management that's SaaS-based, while the service is provided and managed by an IT service provider company. The ITSM system runs on a blockchain platform that utilizes an enterprise blockchain framework, preventing anonymous access or permission into the service management network, any consultant or user engaged in the service delivery to the customer is known and access are auto-audited. This is a new layer of ITSM security that ensures customer data and system information don't fall into the hands of bad actors.


What's BLiTS

KompiTech BLiTS is a blockchain-powered ITSM solution.

BLiTS combines our blockchain-powered ITSM system with an ecosystem of global IT service provider companies.

BLiTS is built on the KompiTech blockchain platform, the ITSM system is built on ITIL methodologies and processes that can be tailored to any customer IT needs.

Below are some key features and customer pains BLiTS can solve.

  • BLiTS combines the key features of an ITSM Service Desk system (such as Incident, Request management, e.t.c), plus a CRM system, a Contract, Project and Invoicing management system, combined with our IT provider services.
  • BLiTS helps service providers to fully capture and understand customer needs utilizing an end-to-end data capture mechanism.
  • BLiTS help solves issues, where the ITSM system you rely on to run the IT service is disconnected to the IT service provider system. It provides a seamless integration to allow realtime information flow. It also ensure that you're able to control any processes that extend beyond the oversight of your management.
  • When there is a lack of uniform business processes between existing systems within your organization and if your IT is still bogged down with daily manual processes. BLiTS can be leveraged to automate a majority of your manual processes, leading to an increase in productivity like the fast resolution to tickets which bring an increase in time and cost savings.

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Greg Erhahon

Greg Erhahon is the founder and CEO of KompiTech, an expert and thought leadership in blockchain technology. Greg has previously worked for global companies, such as UBS, J&J, and Covidien now Medtronic.

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