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The world has changed due to coronavirus pandemic, and most companies are forced to ask their employees to work from home to ensure business continuity. To help organizations, we are offering the following:

  1. Our innovative suite of ITSM apps for free.
  2. Free guides on how to fine-tune your IT infrastructure.

Traditionally, the majority of organization employees were meant to work in their offices with few external employees working remotely. Now, the majority are working from home and this is why the IT department needs to start re-thinking new IT service models to enable their employees to stay connected and be productive. Every organization needs to re-evaluate its IT strategy, application accessibility, and IT service support model for delivering support to end-users working from home.

Below are some key steps that will help you identify quick and easy solutions to ease your pain.

Step 1: Supporting WFH End-Users

Wfh guideline

Implement an IT support model to deliver support to employees working from home.

Ensure to implement a reliable and efficient IT support model for work from home users. An easy to implement service to help with the complexity around the coordination and management of external IT service companies; with their field engineers working in-line with your organization's processes.

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Step 2: Corporate Devices Access

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Review your strategy for corporate devices.

Review your existing corporate devices secure access strategy, managing and scaling access to internal applications over a secured SSL VPN tunnel with a company certificate.

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Step 3: Personal Devices Access

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Consider enabling access for personal devices.

Enabling employees to use personal devices can come very handy when they are unable to work on their corporate devices, by implementing mechanisms like Multi-factor Authentication and SSO (Single Sign-On) for personal devices to access SaaS.

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Step 4: Existing VPN Scaling

Vpn solution

Scaling an existing VPN solution.

Designing and implementing a LoadBalancing solution to increase the number of concurrent VPN connections.

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Step 5: Setup New VPN

Vpn wireguard

Implementing a free new VPN solution with WireGaurd.

In order to enable a flexible WFH strategy, you can leverage the use of employees' personal devices.

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Step 6: Applications Optimization

Cloud technology

Consider moving applications to cloud.

Free technical consultation on how to define and optimize which applications can be operated on a public cloud and what should stay in-house.

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