Corporate and Personal Devices Access Strategy IT Guide


Due to the spread of coronavirus, every organization will need to take a proactive and flexible approach to the existing access permission for both corporate and personal devices.

The first step is to identify your organization's core applications, category, and decide on the accessibility solution based on your internal compliance requirements. There are 3 core categories of corporate applications:

Internal Applications and Resources

  • Access to internal corporate systems
  • ERP, SAP
  • Shared network folders

Native SaaS Applications

  • Team collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams, Videoconferences such as Zoom, Cisco Webex or Google Meet.
  • Web Applications.
  • Office 365.
  • SalesForce.

Corporate Device Strategy

Corporate devices should be used when employees can take company laptops home to work remotely. Generally, every organization should adopt the below strategy for its corporate devices.

  • Ensure corporate device management responsibilities lie with the IT department.
  • Implement a system to centrally manage all devices.
  • Ensuring each device is secured and up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Ensure your IT department have full control over applications that can be installed on the devices.
  • Employees working remotely should access corporate internal applications over a secured SSL VPN tunnel.
  • Your VPN client application should utilize only the company certificate.
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Employees Personal Device Strategy

Since the management of personal devices belongs to each individual employee (due to security issues), usually such devices are not permitted access to the corporate network and applications. Such security measures might not be necessary if some of your organization applications are SaaS-based. Below is the recommended security strategy for personal device access to SaaS applications and internal applications.

  1. The use of mechanisms like Multi-factor Authentication and SSO (Single Sign-On) to access SaaS or Web applications.
  2. The use of VDI (Virtual Desktop) technology to go to internal applications.
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Combining Corporate and Personal Devices

The following diagram shows the entire Work From Home IT solution architecture needed for every company. KompiTech can help to build and support the whole application ecosystem around WFH secure, fast and efficiently.

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