Implementing an IT support delivery model for employees working from home


We are going to walk you through important but easy to implement methods you can leverage. This is based on our more than a decade of expertise in successfully delivering IT support services to customers from offices in major cities to some most remote locations, around the world.

Streamlining your IT processes with the field service delivery team and enabling real-time communication will guarantee your organizational full oversight of the services being delivered to the employees working from home. Failure to streamline your processes and missing communication could result in disputes and poor service management.

Wfh guide

Step 1

Customer locations wfh

Update employees location.

One of the first tasks should be updating employees' home addresses. You might need to engage with your HR or follow your organization process to ensure the protection of private data. The task of updating the employee locations can be delegated to your internal IT resources, or this can be offloaded to the end-users assuming you have an in-house system an employee can log in to update the current home address.

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Step 2

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Utilize the right ITSM tools

Since the majority of your employees are now working from home, you will need a ticketing system that is well suited for coordinating field support service delivery. Depending on the size of your organization, there will be multiple external IT service providers involved in the chain of providing dispatch service to your employees. Depending on your organization size, the more service providers you work with, the more complex it is to manage the service delivery. We understand this struggle based on our experience, this is one of the main reasons we are built our ITSM app to streamline and automate your processes that relieve your pains.

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Step 3

B Li TS ITSM App Desktop

Automate incidents and request reporting process.

A ticketing system that automates the process for new incidents and requests will help reduce your IT department workload. There is some ticketing system solution that comes with automation, but setting up automation in some of these systems can be complex and time-consuming. The free KompiTech BLiTS ITSM app effortlessly simplifies new ticket process automation, reducing setup and configuration time to a matter of minutes.

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Step 4

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Engage an IT service provider.

Processes around delivering IT support to end-users based in your offices are simpler than providing support to users working from home. Your users are in multiple locations, some with easy transportation access while others with limited access. Engaging with an external IT provider that can provide IT resource coverage will ensure continuous service delivery to your users.

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Use Case - WFH IT Support

Enabling a global medical company to efficiently manage and coordinate the delivery of IT support to employees working from home.

Customer Background:
Present in 22 countries with 7,300 employees, 115 office locations.

Pre-COVID-19-Crisis IT Support Model: 99% of the employees work in the office while 1% comprises of the company sales force working remotely, this is relative to the number of tickets generated by end-users. Each customer office location has a dedicated in-house team of IT support engineers in charge of handling tickets created by employees based in the company's local office. The internal teams were also responsible for providing remote support to the sales team.

Issue: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, 99% of employees were required to work from home, which automatically reversed the number of tickets generated by remote users. The IT department started with providing remote support to its employees utilizing their internal IT resources, but there were issues that could not be resolved remotely, which increased daily.

Solution - WFH IT Support

Leveraging KompiTech BLiTS ITSM Solution.

The customer contacted KompiTech's IT department to help with providing field IT support to its employees working remotely in 11 affected countries. We moved quickly to help the customer. Below are some of the actions that we took to help relieve the customer's pains.

Day 1:

  • Capture customer requirements and documentations.
  • Capture processes and define workflows.
  • Capture list of countries and locations utilizing BLiTS CRM module.

Day 2:

  • Review captured service data.
  • Review service agreements
  • Sign service agreements.

Day 3:

  • Setup a customer dedicated channel network on BLiTS.
  • Automate captured processes and workflows.
  • Invite our trusted IT partners into the customer's network.

Day 4:

  • Enable authentication integration to allow SSO for all customer employees.
  • Successfully test run the service pilot.
  • Service go-live.

What is KompiTech BLiTS Application?

Field service blits app

KompiTech BLiTS is a suite of ITSM applications including an ecosystem of global IT service providers. It ensures the efficient delivery of IT services to customers in-line with ITIL best practices like incident, request, resources/capacity management. KompiTech BLiTS provides a secured solution that protects employees' privacy and prevents sensitive information from falling into the hands of an unauthorized person.

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