Moving Corporate Applications to the Cloud.


As each company use case is different, migration your organization will a lot of effort and new technology expertise to process. The goal of this article is to guide you through the journey of migrating your applications to cloud adoption and provide you with know-how as well as industry's best practices tested and developed in years of managing cloud projects.

Cloud technology

Reviewing Existing Infrastructure

Optimized Cloud Performance Services

We can help customers to define and optimize which applications can be operated on a public cloud and what should stay in-house, below is a list of our services.

  1. Total cloud system infrastructure validation.
  2. Security validation.
  3. Networking validation.
  4. Storage validation.
  5. Cloud hybrid validation.

Included in the above services are:

  • Cloud Assessment.
  • Architecture Recommended Solution.

The outputs are:

  • Analyzing the situation with the client.
  • Report.
  • Presentation of the analysis.

Application Migration and Delivery

Cloud Migration Goal:

Find an optimized public cloud to suit customer needs.

Included in the above services are:

  • Create a new infrastructure.
  • Test the infrastructure.
  • Migration of all the applications to the new cloud infrastructure.
  • Help customers' internal support team to adapt to the new infrastructure - 24/7 L3 Expert Support.

The outputs are:

  • Analysis of current customer situation.
  • Find the optimal public cloud to meet customer needs.
  • Create a new infrastructure on the chosen public cloud.
  • Test the new infrastructure.
  • Help to migrate all customer applications to the public cloud.
  • 3 months L3 support.

Step by Step Process

Step 1

Initial Assessment

Based on the assessment, we prepare the plan for moving your applications.

Step 2

Mirroring Your Current Infrastructure

We create the infrastructure identical to your current one in the Cloud and move the test data and applications to it to validate full functionality.

Step 3

Adapting Security

We adapt your security principles for the cloud version of your infrastructure.

Step 4

Performance & Security Tests

At this point, we already have an identical copy of your infrastructure in the Cloud, filled with data and applications. We run performance and security test on this exact copy, to ensure that we are ready for production workloads.

Step 5

Migration & Switch

When the infrastructure is tested and accepted, we migrate all your current systems and their data to it. After migration, we perform the switch from the previous infrastructure to the new one.

Step 6

Health Monitoring of One Lifecycle

To eliminate any initial hiccups, we closely monitor the new infrastructure for one lifecycle.

How to Request Free Consultation

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Ongoing Cloud Infrastructure Support

L2 and L3 Cloud Support Expert Services

Only 3-6 months' support.

  1. To recover disaster.
  2. To help with the overloading of your internal support team.
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L3 Support Expert Services

1Y+ to permanently help with difficult upcoming infrastructure issues.

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