KompiTech Named As Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Provider

KompiTech has been named as Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Provider (HCSP), it emerged today. We have been recognized as the eleventh fully accredited provider, and therefore joined the list of elite members featuring IBM and Accenture.

About KompiTech Blockchain Solutions

KompiTech is already a long-standing member of Hyperledger and The Linux Foundation, and joining the ecosystem of certified service providers has been identified as a strategic step for our further growth plans.

As an emerging tech company, we offer enterprise blockchain development and consultancy for forward-thinking organizations looking for a competitive edge and innovation-driven operational excellence. With a pool of Hyperledger-certified blockchain developers, solution architects, and enterprise blockchain advisors, at KompiTech we help our customers globally to develop and deploy enterprise blockchain solutions.

To do so, we utilize our custom built blockchain platform (KompiTech Blockchain Platform), an infrastructure that provides an efficient, end-to-end blockchain app lifecycle management with lower total costs.

“We are thrilled to become a member of the prestigious group of Hyperledger Fabric Certified Service Providers which is still very limited," comments Greg Erhahon, KompiTech’s CEO and Technical Lead of the R&D team.

"At KompiTech we are committed to increasing the adoption of private blockchain amongst organizations of all sizes and profiles, and we are proud to have achieved HCSP status,” adds Greg.

“From our side, I’d like to reassure everyone at Hyperledger that we will continue to augment our customers’ commercial proposition with blockchain technology and Hyperledger Fabric to speed up business processes, increase transparency and save costs.”


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What is Hyperledger?

Hyperledger Certified Service Provider (HCSP) program recognizes pre-qualified members, vetted service providers with a deep experience of helping enterprises successfully adopt Hyperledger enterprise blockchain technologies.

Launched last quarter by Hyperledger, an open-source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, the HCSP program offers service providers from around the world training and professional certification that ensures each member has the mastery to install, configure, operate, manage and troubleshoot networks built on Hyperledger distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

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About The Author

Sandra Kamińska-Paciorek is a Global Marketing & PR Manager at KompiTech and a huge advocate of new technologies including enterprise blockchain. Outside work, Sandra actively campaigns for diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

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