KompiTech to Provide IT Guidance and a Suite of ITSM Apps to Businesses Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak – Free of Charge

KompiTech, an established global IT services and blockchain technology provider, has recently announced that they are ready to provide consultation – free of charge – to the IT leaders that require assistance on how to efficiently deliver IT support services to their employees working from home.

The news has been announced following a rapid shift in remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic which spread across the entire world.

Nelleke van Heerikhuize, Chief Executive Officer at KompiTech, comments: “The current crisis is rapidly evolving and has created a significant amount of uncertainty. As a responsive IT services provider, we want to contribute our expertise and help to those businesses in need. We understand that the COVID-19 outbreak presented IT leaders with some great challenges, including quickly scaling their Work from Home infrastructure, and we are aware that this can make an impact on the tight budgets which need to be smartly distributed in order to heal the post-pandemic situation”.

“Therefore, we decided to wrap our usual business operations around helping other organizations that struggle with setting up the remote work environments on a large scale as well as have limited access to the ITSM tools.”, she adds.

The free IT support plan from KompiTech is available to organizations globally and it compromises the following:

  • A practical guide for IT leaders on how their department can provide IT support to employees working from home
  • The innovative ITSM app to enable the management of IT support services to remote employees
  • Expert IT consultation during the home office set up

The free guide has been created for IT leaders who wish to accelerate the home office set up process for more efficient and reliable service delivery. It features key aspects which should be taken into consideration when creating such environment, including corporate device strategy, using personal devices to undertake job duties, creating and scaling VPN solution and optimization of applications in use.

In addition to the free guide, KompiTech also offers complimentary access to a suite of innovative, blockchain-enabled ITSM apps including KompiTech BLiTS ITSM, which is a free alternative to popular ITSM tools including ServiceNow or Remedy. BLiTS suite enables real-time and secure communication as well as a full oversight of the services being delivered to remote users to ensure business continuity and cost control.

Nelleke van Heerikhuize continues: “We hope that the resources produced by KompiTech provided along with free access to our applications ecosystem and expert support will help all tirelessly working IT leaders in those uncertain times. We are always on a mission to help IT professionals, and we are confident that together we will be able to navigate the crisis and enable businesses to return to normal.”

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Sandra paciorek

About The Author

Sandra Kamińska-Paciorek is a Global Marketing & PR Manager at KompiTech and a huge advocate of new technologies including enterprise blockchain. Outside work, Sandra actively campaigns for diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

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