Data Center Services

Data Center Services for Forward-Thinking Businesses

With KompiTech innovative data centre service, you will turn your data centre into a fully-responsive, secure and compliant business asset.

Today's businesses need to act fast to meet the dynamic and changing landscape for customer and supply chain profiles with the latest applications and connections - and we are here to help. At KompiTech, we support your operations with our robust Data Center Services offering including backup and disaster recovery.

Data Center Service Overview

KompiTech can transform your data centre into an asset that is flexible and agile enough to handle your changing needs and growth opportunities with your business.

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Discover Infrastructure-as-Code solution.

A technology used to manage the entire IT infrastructure through automation.

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Infrastructure-as-Code Solution

We are able to manage Data Center of any customers' requirements using our Infrastructure-as-Code Solution. Our technology is built on OpenStack and Kubernetes platform.

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Visit the IAC Features section to learn more about how we do it.

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Mainframe Services

KompiTech Mainframe Infrastructure Services leverage our dedicated mainframe CoE to provide comprehensive technical support and need-based availability of mainframe system resources. Our team of dedicated IT professionals offers services to support geographically remote locations, across various streams within the mainframe platform.

We have a team of experts with more than 30 years’ professional experience in managing mainframe infrastructure along with our vast experience in application development and maintenance.

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Discover Our Mainframe Solutions:

  • Operations & Production Control
    • Operations & Console Monitoring
    • Production Control & Job Scheduling
    • Backup & Tape Management
    • Configuration Management / Planning, Security Administration
  • System Administration
    • System Administration (z/OS, CICS, MQ, etc.)
    • Database Administration (DB2, IMS, etc.)
    • Storage Management (DFSMS Suite, etc.)
    • Network Administration (SNA, TCP/IP)
    • IBM/Third Party Products Administration
  • Mainframe Consolidation
    • System Consolidation
    • Storage / DASD Consolidation
    • Tools Consolidation
    • Migration to Linux / Open Source Systems
    • Contract Management / Consolidation
    • Mainframe Retirement
  • Performance & Capacity Management:
    • Performance Monitoring & Health Check, Performance
    • Assessment & Tuning, Batch-window reduction, MIPS Optimization,
    • Performance/Stress Testing, Capacity Planning & Sizing
    • (Server, MIPS, Storage, DR, etc.)
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Consultation Steps

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  • Our experts will meet with your infrastructure team
  • Together using our cutting-edge technology, we will analyse your current IT infrastructure to ensure best practice solutions
  • We will create a new IT design by combining OpenStack with legacy systems
  • We will agree and implement chosen solutions to meet your business targets
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