Infrastructure-as-Code Solution

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Infrastructure-as-Code Solution Overview

A technology used to manage the entire IT infrastructure through automation.

What it is

Powerful and innovative IT infrastructure management solution built on the OpenStack, Kubernetes and other open-source projects that allows your IT infrastructure to acts as software.

KompiTech Infrastructure-as-Code is a technology we use to automate essential processes of customers IT infrastructure rather than using a manual process. KompiTech operations team can automatically provision and manage your IT Infrastructure through code for deploying servers, firewalls, routers, storage system.

We can integrate data centres from different locations and manage from a single dashboard. Your infrastructure can be configured, setup, and running with minutes.


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Implementation Process


We can deliver IT infrastructure service solution focused on any customer requirements. Our technology is built on OpenStack and Kubernetes platform for maximized performance.

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We support continuous delivery of security patches, bug fixes, and managing service lifecycle. We make your Infrastructure operationally manageable again.

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Consultation Steps

  1. Our team of experts will meet with your infrastructure teams
  2. Jointly using our technology, we will analyze your current infrastructure
  3. We will review your current infrastructure towards best practice solutions
  4. We will create new IT design by combining OpenStack with legacy system
  5. We will deliver agreement and implementation of chosen solutions to meet your business targets
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