BLiTS provides you with a platform of innovative tools for managing your IT, combined with our outsourcing services.

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How it works

Define your service expectations and requirements through our BLiTS ITSM system

The platform will capture the needs and initiate workflows.

The Service Agreement is automatically generated and can be signed online

Important legal documents will be quickly created and securely stored through the online contract collaboration feature on the BLiTS platform.

Blockchain Smart Contract

Due to its transparent set up and multi-user access environment, blockchain technology creates a great foundation for automating repetitive service desk processes as well as improving collaboration between end-users and IT outsourcing vendors. A blockchain-enabled ITSM tool can successfully replace an individual dealing with invoices in favour of Smart Contract a flagship feature of blockchain technology. Smart Contracts are utilized to trigger automatic invoices based on the pre-set variables and conditions met, such as SLAs. This minimizes costs and frees up your internal resources by automating this traditionally labour-heavy task, allowing your remaining staff to focus on more strategic assignments.

Real-time management reports are available at your fingertips

Processing data required for accurate KPI reporting can be a manual, laborintense and time-consuming tasks. With KompiTech BLiTS you can access insights with just a single click.

Real-time, up-to-date cost and billing information

With an intuitive billing dashboard you can view all IT services related cost data in real-time.

Track your ticket and collaborate in real-time

Streamline the communication process and make service request more efficient and transparent.

Request a consultation and start automating your IT operations and services.

Key Features

Align the ITSM system with your internal processes

  • End-to-End customized solution
  • Modern technology leverage to provide transparency, automation and an ultra-secure platform
  • Fully-intuitive, automated tool for IT Service incidents and problems management
  • Smart Contracts technology for detecting breached SLAs and stipulating penalties
  • Encrypted information for maximized data protection
  • Real-time ticket status monitoring
  • Location services for tracking the engineers
  • Real-time reporting
  • Automated billing process
  • Zero downtime
  • Seamless integration with other ITSM tools such as ServiceNow and Remedy