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About KompiTech

Our Mission

Harnessing the power of blockchain and new technologies in pushing innovation across industries. KompiTech is a pioneer in enterprise blockchain innovation, enhancing process automation, enforcing trust and creating a new level of transparency between organizations, ensuring dispute-free partnership.

Our Values

Committed to customers vision and partnership in pioneering innovation. With our innovative blockchain technology, we continuously work to improve our services and maximize the Return-of-Investment for our customers as a reliable technology partner.

Our Culture

KompiTech success has been a collective effort of our employees, this success can be largely credited to the running of an environment where we encourage individual ideas towards the company’s value, regardless of their title or seniority.

Thanks to our innovative technological solutions, we can turn bold visions into tangible technology and business solutions leveraging blockchain.

KompiTech Milestones

Our Story


KompiTech Was Founded

Greg Erhahon, KompiTech’s CEO and founder, started KompiTech as a one-person business.


KompiTech Head Quarters in Zurich, Switzerland

KompiTech’s Head Quarters in Zurich, Switzerland was established.


KompiTech Expansion to the Czech Republic

KompiTech expanded its operations to the Czech Republic where Greg opened the Prague office (where KompiTech’s R&D hub is based).


Blockchain Technology

Greg Erhahon decided to leverage blockchain technology in KompiTech’s offering portfolio.


Expansion to the United Kingdom

KompiTech expanded its operations to the United Kingdom, setting up an office in Bracknell.


Expansion to South Africa & the United States

Two brand new offices in Cape Town, South Africa and New York, United States have been set up.


Launch of KompiTech Blockchain Platform

KompiTech Blockchain Platform and blockchain consultancy services have been launched.

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