Global Managed IT Services Delivered Locally

Global Managed IT Services

Global Managed IT Services from KompiTech have been designed to maintain and enhance your IT department, so you can free up your in-house resources and focus on driving your business revenue. We deliver round-the-clock operational and global IT support services to both large enterprises as well as SMEs.

At KompiTech, we provide you with IT access to best practice industry-leading processes and world-class IT expertise, tools and automation to help strengthen and maximize your organization’s IT performance. Our experienced team of local IT experts will provide everything you need to run your business including end-user computing services, data center services and network management.

Underpinned by cutting-edge blockchain technology, our global Managed IT Services help reduce operational costs and reduce the administrative burden for the parties involved.

Blockchain-Powered ITSM

Managed IT Services from KompiTech are delivered via innovative blockchain technology to solve common issues organizations face when dealing with third-party suppliers. The issues involve lack of transparency, misunderstanding in communication, endless streams of emails and over-complicated workflows, all which result in augmented costs and time-consuming administrative burden.

KompiTech is the first IT services company in the world that deployed the ultra-secure and transparent blockchain technology to streamline the IT outsourcing process and reduce overhead. We have developed the fully functional IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, KompiTech BLiTS, which leverages the Distributed Ledger technology to automate service delivery process for our customers to decrease operational costs without compromising service quality.

With seamless integration with the existing ITSM tools, KompiTech BLiTS is set to become a market leader in managed IT services delivery management. It allows organizations to dramatically cut the cost of internal resources as well as the administrative work of managing external IT services providers. KompiTech BLiTS utilizes the pioneering Smart Contracts technology to transform legacy paper-agreements into the automatically executable pieces of data, making the management of IT documentation including Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Statement of Works (SOWs) and signed contracts easy. The terms become data, and because it is running on the blockchain, that data is real-time accurate and ultimately secure.

KompiTech BLiTS automates the IT Services Management process from both the service provider side and the client side, reducing overhead and costs. Thanks to Smart Contracts technology, BLiTS ITSM reduces customer onboarding time by up to 95%. It also contributes to lowering time spent on administrative management; with real-time monitoring of service conditions, milestones and success criteria, KompiTech BLiTS automatically triggers invoices based on system-generated reports.

B Li TS ITSM App Desktop

Discover the World's First Blockchain-Powered ITSM

Automate the IT service delivery process for lower costs and reduced administrative burden.

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End-User IT Managed Services

Our end-user Managed IT Services enable organizations to unlock key workplace elements and tailor them to different user segments within the organization.

Thanks to our strong alliances with world-renewed technology partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP and Google, we proactively develop open source solutions for end-user computing services.

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What you'll get:

  • Helpdesk IT support
  • Desk-side IT support
  • Self-help services
  • VIP IT support
  • Roll-out IT services
  • Dispatch IT engineers
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Managed IT Network

KompiTech’s Network Operation Centre provides around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for your enterprise WAN and/or LAN to customers globally for over a decade.

KompiTech’s IT support team manages our customers’ LAN/WAN, and we will allocate physical resources to monitor, troubleshoot and coordinate replacement equipment when necessary.

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Partners and Vendors

  • Cisco
  • Palo Alto
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Juniper
  • And other leading CPE devices

Managed Routers

KompiTech router management service takes over the responsibility for managing your network routers from provisioning to router configuration to installation, management and continuous maintenance.

By signing up to global IT services from KompiTech, you will eliminate the hassle and capital expense associated with managing your network routers, and you will immediately experience the benefits of cost-efficient, effective network router solution.

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What you'll get:

  • Router installation and configuration: KompiTech’s expert IT technicians will handle router configuration, installation, maintenance and repair, saving your organization the internal costs of network management;
  • Configuration management: We will back up your router’s configuration preventing any information from being lost in an outage occurs;
  • Change management: All of your network moves, adds or changes are managed for you;
  • Hardware replacement: We offer flexible maintenance options for your equipment with either next business day od 4-hour replacement window;
  • 24/7, 365 customer support: Our Network Operations team support and protects your network around-the-clock.
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Managed IT Security

KompiTech’s global Managed IT Security Services has been providing a range of cloud security services for our customers for the last ten years.

The dedicated team of IT experts in the Security Operations Centre supports customers around the world, 24/7.

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What you'll get:

  • Maintenance and patching of your systems to remove potential vulnerabilities
  • IDS/IPS management and monitoring
  • Firewall management and monitoring including next-generation application-aware firewalls
  • Application monitoring
  • Antivirus software and malware protection
  • Internal resource monitoring
  • Security event log management and correlation (SIEM and Active Device Management)
  • Data Encryption at rest and in transit
  • Identity and Access Management including directory services
  • Mobile device management
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IT Services Management

KompiTech comprehensive ITSM Services leverage end-to-end service delivery models for the effective management of your organization’s IT infrastructure.

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What you'll get:

  • Consulting: Enables strategic ITSM initiatives through business integration planning, benchmarking, and assessment services based on ISO 20000 and ITIL best practices;
  • Service transition and standardization: Includes requirement analysis, design, development and implementation of ITIL V3 compliant processes and a tools platform with clear ownership and accountability;
  • Service assurance and transformation: Encompasses a process sustenance model and quality assurance framework including transformation initiatives;
  • Service management integration: Establishes a robust service management integrator framework to monitor and track SLA, process and security compliance. It facilitates building and sustaining a robust Enterprise Service Management (ESM) tools platform to support multi-tenancy models;
  • Customer experience management: Involves the application of a scientific approach to understand customer expectations and bridge the gap between the quality of service and experience.
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