KompiTech BLiTS Vendors Management System

IT Vendors Management
all-in-one place

No more Spreadsheets, gaps in
Communication or costly Licenses.

Managing your IT vendors made easy

Create your IT Service Delivery Network

First, start with setting up your network and the primary channel for orchestrating the service delivery. Define your service catalog, deliverables, and expectations on your channel.

IT Vendors Management

Onboard Suppliers and Third-Party Vendors.

Speed-up vendors’ on-boarding process with channel set up per vendor and invite vendor’s channel to join your primary channel. This allows the automatic flow of uniform service deliverables and expectations from your primary channel to the vendor’s channel, which is available for future references throughout the service delivery lifecycle.

IT Vendors Management

Automated Service Agreement

Accelerate service agreement negotiations process with 100% accuracy to avoid human errors. The BLiTS-SSA (BLiTS Smart Service Agreement) automation tool, will automatically transform your service agreement recorded in your primary channel into a digital contract, which could be shared with any vendor channel for review and can be signed either digitally or on paper.

IT Vendors Management

Define your Workflows and Processes

Ensure 100% uniform processes across your service network. Build customizable Workflow, automatically trigger notifications and alerts to responsible vendors or stakeholders.

IT Vendors Management

Service Operations Visibility

Gain service insight and 100% transparency with tools to automatically unblock any bottleneck. Create and track tickets. Assign tickets to one or multiple vendors to enhance collaboration, and still able to securely control permission access to critical information.

IT Vendors Management

Communication is Real-time.

Streamline real-time communication across your network without information delays.

IT Vendors Management

Automated Billing and Invoicing

BLiTS eliminates manual errors by automating your entire billing logic and invoice operations. Services defined and captured during the setup stage can now be looked-up and automatically tracked in real-time to automate vendor billing and invoices.

IT Vendors Management

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Define your management reports to centrally manage, visualize, and coordinate your entire vendors’ activities.

IT Vendors Management

Up to 70% Cost Savings

Operates at lower costs, still delivering services with higher quality. Scale your vendors’ network as it grows without extra licensing costs.

IT Vendors Management

Seamless Integration

BLiTS provides seamless integration with your existing ITSM Tools or use as a stand-alone ITSM system.

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