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Service Overview

Supporting today’s changing, and highly mobile workforce means more than just equipping your employees with desktops or laptops. KompiTech can support your organization to create a workspace experience that is collaborative and connected, in order to create a sustainable productive workforce. Our next-generation IT solution provides flexibility and agility to attain a vision of a collaborative and secure workspace.

We leverage emerging technologies to help customers create an innovative workspace experience that is collaborative and connected.

Innovation Lead
Innovation Lead

End-User Computing

Scalability and agility are the core requirement modern organizations need to meet to fulfill customers’ expectations. With a rise of remote workers, new technological advancements, and innovation in the workplace, the challenge of creating a top-performing IT department strategy that delivers became harder than ever.

A well-designed end-user computing strategy maps out how users can access the digital platforms they need to be productive, both on-premises and work remotely. It includes the full range of tools necessary to complete their required tasks and considers how to enable future growth without disruption.

KompiTech’s End-User Computing Services enables organizations to unbundle key workplace elements and tailor them to different user segments within the organization. At KompiTech, we provide our clients worldwide with flexible working solutions to protect their networks, critical business data, and intellectual assets.


24/7 Service Desk

At KompiTech, we understand that having 24/7 access to a proficient IT Service Desk is mission-critical for any organization.

Our always-on IT Service Desk is available for all KompiTech customers across multiple languages and time zones. With a team of fully-qualified, digital-savvy IT professionals, we offer a 24/7 remote IT help for efficient resolution of time-sensitive incidents and management of service requests. Our Service Desk is designed to support your IT Department, giving it the resource to outsource, scale or upskill the support it provides, either long term or on a project basis.


Work From Home Support

We help organizations implement an IT support model and provide key steps to identify quick and easy solutions to ease the pain of your employees working from home. An easy to implement a model to help with navigating the complexity around the coordination and management of any external IT service providers.

Steps on how we can help your organization transform and adapt to the new norm of working from home

Work From Home IT Support

Setup of Corporate Devices Access Strategy

Enabling employees to use personal devices can come very handy when they are unable to work on their corporate devices, we can help your organizations implement mechanisms like Multi-factor Authentication and SSO (Single Sign-On) for personal devices to stay productive when working from home.

Scaling an existing VPN or New VPN Setup

In order to enable a flexible WFH strategy, Designing and implementing a LoadBalancing solution to increase the number of concurrent VPN connections.

Scaling an existing VPN solution

In order to enable a flexible WFH strategy, we can help with designing and implementing a LoadBalancing solution to increase the number of concurrent VPN connections.

Migrating applications to cloud

We help customers on how to define and optimize which applications can be operated on a public cloud and what should stay in-house.


Roll-Out & Migration

KompiTech is experienced in migration and rolling-out servers, desktop or laptops. Whether you need to deploy a long-planned upgrade (like a hardware refresh), or are reacting to a short-term need (like disaster recovery roll-out), we will jointly work with your IT department from the very earliest stages to help guide the planning, the preparation of machine images, and understanding business and user needs and priorities.


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