Global Field IT Support Services

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KompiTech offers access to experienced and certified Field Engineers ready to help you regardless of your office’s location to install or troubleshoot any types of your onsite equipment.

Seamless Service Delivery Management

At KompiTech we work with both large and SMEs organizations where time is money. Thus, our IT outsourcing services come with the blockchain-powered ITSM tool that enables end-to-end service delivery enriched with automation for greater efficiency and productivity.

In a nutshell, KompiTech BLiTS can help both the individual clients as well as IT service providers with the following:

✔ BLiTS combines the key features of an ITSM Service Desk system (including Incident, Request Management, etc.), with a Service Design, a Contract, Project, and Invoicing Management system.

✔ BLiTS can be leveraged when there is a lack of uniform business processes between your current systems and when your IT is still bogged down with daily manual processes. BLiTS will automate the majority of your manual processes, leading to an increase in productivity. For example, the fast ticket resolution that brings cost savings and time for more higher-value tasks.

✔ Thanks to the powerful blockchain technology behind BLiTS, our ITSM enhances data integrity (and automates service delivery management).

✔ BLiTS helps service providers to fully capture and understand customer needs, utilizing an end-to-end data capture mechanism.

✔ BLiTS helps solves issues, whereas the ITSM system you may rely on to run the IT service is disconnected to the IT service provider system. BLiTS provides a seamless integration to allow realtime information flow. It also ensures that you’re able to control any process that extends beyond the oversight of your management.

Service Capabilities

IMAC services
‘IMAC’ stands for Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes – the four primary needs of IT infrastructure. KompiTech offers long-term and short-term IMAC solutions for a wide range of organizational needs.

Off-site installation preparation
We believe that IT installations and rollouts should be carried out with as little disruption to your day-to-day operations as possible. That’s why we complete as much as possible off-site, including commissioning, software installation, customized imaging, and testing. We can also store equipment off-site on your behalf.

On-site installation services
We’ll manage the installation process from start to finish – we’ll take care of the shipping/transport to site, on-site installation, initialization, and testing. We can also undertake customized testing tailored to your specific environment.

Moves, additions and changes
As well as IT installations and rollouts, our experienced team of accredited engineers can also provide fully managed moves, additions (of hardware and software components), and changes (to hardware and software components, plus system updates and configuration changes).

Flexible IT installation services
Our global IT engineering team has the capacity to deliver large scale roll-outs and installations within tight timescales. Our flexible approach means that we can also deliver our on-site services outside your working hours to minimize disruption to your company’s operations.

Dedicated installation teams
For large scale installations and roll-outs, we typically establish a dedicated installation team comprising project managers, consultants, and engineers to design, manage, and implement your rollout.

Dedicated installation teams
For large scale installations and roll-outs, we typically establish a dedicated installation team comprising project managers, consultants, and engineers to design, manage, and implement your rollout.

Why KompiTech Field Service?

KompiTech Field Service comes with the blockchain-powered ITSM tool that enables end-to-end field service delivery enriched with automation, providing a seamless service experience from raising tickets to resolution, billing and Invoicing Management.

Decreased Costs
Our structured approach to planning and service delivery also helps to ensure that installations are completed on time and within budget, every time.

Reduced Risk
Working according to ITIL best practices and structured methodologies, we can help reduce the risk of large scale installations. All of our processes are fully documented, and we’ll provide full reporting of the services undertaken.

Extra In-house Resources
Our Field services can help relieve your in-house team from the burden of day to day, mundane tasks, allowing them to focus on your core business activities instead. Our approach also helps to reduce the need for internal management resources.

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